Romanian Society of Rheology was founded and approved in 2009 as an only official society specialized to rheological research in Romania.

9 April 2009 – Romanian Society of Rheology is juridically approved (download document – State of Romanian Society of Rheology)

18-21 June 2009 – First conference and meeting of the members of the Romanian Society of Rheology (in Bran: photo1, photo2, photo3, Report)

1 July 2009 – We have our own domain and website, www.reologie.ro

7 July 2009 – Romanian Society of Rheology is recognized and taken into consideration by the Ministry of Education Research and Innovation, Legal General Direction and Control (download document from the Ministry)

21 September 2009 – Romanian Society of Rheology appears in an article of Applied Rheology (volume 19, issue 4)

22 September 2009 – Rheology Workshop (Iasi, “Petru Poni ” Institute of macromolecular Chemistry, in the Conference Room: details)

8 April 2010 – The Romanian Society of Rheology becomes member of The European Society of Rheology.

26-29 August 2010 – 1st SRR Summer School of Rheology (Cluj-Napoca, Babes-Bolyai University: photos)

14-17 October 2010 – 18th International Conference on Applied and Industrial Mathematics (Iasi, “Al. I. Cuza”  University)

5-7 May 2011 –  Dynamics of Complex Fluids Conference (Iasi, “Petru Poni” Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry)

28 August – 3 September 2011 – French Romanian Summer School (Iasi and Bucharest, details)

The aim of this society is to promote the research in the field of rheology by supplying information and offering opportunities for cooperation among scientists and engineers with any interest in rheology. We intend to regularly organize a few meetings each year and support meetings sponsored by different companies.