Chemistry Matters

In a compilation of 4 short, educational videos called “Chemistry Matters“, 16 Nobel Laureates discuss new frontiers in their field and explore what life as a chemist entails. They also describe the beauty inherent in chemistry and recall the eureka moments when they discovered ‘a little of nature’s logic’. Designed for students aspiring to a career in chemistry, these videos also pay tribute to and celebrate the International Year of Chemistry 2011.


Episode 1: Beyound the Textbook

Learn about chemistry’s many facets and why would one claim that chemistry is the ‘queen of all sciences’.

Episode 2: The Life of a Chemist

Explore how Nobel Laureates compare their own research to the adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

Episode 3: Beauty

From molecules to equations to experiments, learn how and why chemistry is beautiful.

Episode 4: Eureka!

Discover how groundbreaking discoveries are both thrilling and lonely.

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